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WCH hosts the 2023 Preparatory Meeting for China-UK University Consortium on Medicine and Health

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On the evening of December 13, the 2023 Preparatory Meeting for China-UK University Consortium on Medicine and Health, organized by Sichuan University and the University of Oxford and hosted by West China Hospital (WCH), was held both online and offline in Chengdu. Representatives from over 20 universities in China and the UK participated in this meeting. Notable attendees from the UK included Professor David James Kerr, a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences of UK and professor of oncology at the University of Oxford, Professor Jon Frampton, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, as well as representatives from the University of Nottingham, the University of Glasgow, King's College London, among others, who joined the meeting online. On the Chinese side, Mr. Zhang Yechu, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Sichuan Province, Professor Li Zhengchi, Deputy Party Secretary of Sichuan University and Party Secretary of WCH, Vice President Yao Leye, Executive Deputy Director Shen Bin of West China Medical Center, Vice President Wang Kunjie of WCH, and representatives from eight Chinese universities including Peking University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University participated in the meeting offline.


Li Zhengchi, speaking on behalf of Sichuan University and the Chinese alliance members, expressed, "The China-UK University Consortium on Medicine and Health" is a sustainable international cooperation and research platform that encompasses various fields such as medical education, talent cultivation, medical research cooperation, the transformation of medical innovation outcomes, and the establishment of a Global Health Community. Global major public health issues have become common challenges that require collaboration among global universities, including those in China and the UK, to deepen innovation cooperation and jointly undertake the responsibility and mission of enhancing human health and well-being. Despite the geographical distance between the two countries, there is an expectation that the Consortium will serve as a new starting point to actively promote more profound, comprehensive, and closer cooperation.


Professor Mathew Walters, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing at the University of Glasgow, spoke on behalf of the UK alliance members. He expressed strong agreement with the objectives and regulations of the consortium and was pleased to join forces with top Chinese universities to provide constructive Sino-British wisdom for addressing global major health issues such as cancer through talent cultivation and high-level research cooperation projects. The UK universities are looking forward to more pragmatic and efficient cooperation with their Chinese counterparts.


The meeting discussed and passed the “Initiative on the resolution of global health challenges through China-UK collaboration”. This initiative encourages focusing on and proposing solutions for global major health challenges, forming interdisciplinary international cooperation in fields such as medical education, talent cultivation, research collaboration, transformation of medical achievements, and the establishment of a high-quality think tank for the “Global Health Community”.


This preparatory meeting, the second meeting following last year’s " 2022 China-UK University  Forum on Medical Innovation Cooperation," preliminarily established the future work goals, key cooperation areas, relevant working mechanisms of the alliance, and discussed the preparations for the visit of the Sichuan University team to the University of Oxford next year.

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Prior to the preparatory meeting, representatives from nine Chinese universities held the second preparatory meeting for the founding member universities of the Chinese side, during which Vice President Wang Kunjie provided a detailed report on the contents and revisions of the initiative proposal.