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Vice President Wang Kunjie meets with SingHealth Team from Singapore

A delegation from Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) visited West China Hospital (WCH) on the morning of January 19. Professor Chen Xiangqin, Group Director of International Collaboration Office of SingHealth and Vice President of Singapore General Hospital, led the delegation. Representatives from Sichuan University's International Office, Vice President Wang Kunjie, and representatives from the Nursing School, Organization Department, Academic Affairs Office, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Student Affairs Office, and the Office of International Office from WCH participated in the exchange discussion.

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Vice President Wang Kunjie, on behalf of the hospital, extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He expressed that SingHealth has always been one of WCH's most valued partners in Singapore, serving as an excellent learning model for the hospital's continuous improvement of medical standards and high-quality development. He hoped that both parties could engage in in-depth exchanges and cooperation in various aspects, such as hospital management, cadre training, student exchange, new clinical technologies, and scientific research.


Vice President Chen Xiangqin mentioned that WCH is an important partner. He admired the hospital's dedication to research and strength. He believed that the Asian region needs a medical service framework with its own characteristics to adapt to future development. SingHealth is willing to learn and progress together with West China Hospital, providing innovative solutions for the development of medicine in the new era.

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During the meeting, both parties had enthusiastic discussions on topics such as undergraduate student training, hospital management training courses, nurse training, residency training, and jointly organizing academic conferences.