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The MBBS Program
Professionalism and Ethics Quality

(1) Willingness to dedicate themselves to enhancing the health profession and fostering the well-being of the mind and body;

(2) Good care for patients, recognition of life long responsibility to prevent disease and eliminate symptoms, the moral obligation to provide hospice care, and the professional responsibility to safeguard the health interests of human beings;

(3) Ability to uphold principles and make full use of health resources;

(4) Devotion to lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement;

(5) Respect for each individual and their beliefs;

(6) Scientific attitude by seeking truth from evidence and getting help from other doctors when they are unable to solve medical problems by themselves;

(7) Sense of innovation;

(8) Spirit of teamwork;

(9) Ability to practice medicine in accordance with the laws and to use the laws to protect patients and their own rights and interests.