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WCH medical team complets first-ever urologic laparoscopic surgery in Mozambique

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On August 28th, Associate Professor Jin Tao of the Urology Department and Associate Professor Chen Kelin of the Liver Surgery Department from West China Hospital, two members of the 22nd batch of China's medical team to Mozambique, completed successfully the first-ever urologic laparoscopic surgery in Mozambique.

The patient was a young man from Inhambane, 480 kilometers from Maputo, Mozambique. A right kidney mass was found in a local hospital more than 10 years ago, but was not duly treated. More than one year ago, the mass gradually enlarged, and developed swelling pain at the right lumbar; then he was transferred to Maputo Central Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. CT showed a right renal cyst (12x375px), but could not exclude the possibility of tumors.

Due to the lack of urolaparoscopia operational technology in Mozambique, the doctors with the Maputo Central Hospital recommended open surgery, which, however, features large operative wound, high risk and slow recovery. After reading the CT films carefully, Jin Tao, head of the medical team, suggested that laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery should be adopted to ensure smaller operative wound, quicker recovery and good effect. Meanwhile, the team prepared the operation scheme for possible tumor at the right kidney, which could not eliminate the possibility of converting to open surgery or even excision of the right kidney.

Given that this was the first-ever urologic laparoscopic surgery in Mozambique, the hospital, its urinary surgery department and operating rooms attached great importance to it. Director Emilia of the Anesthesia Department and Chief Physician Qin Sulan of the medical team took charge of anesthesia; urology expert Amancio held the laparoscope, Associate Professor Chen Kelin assisted the operation, and Duan Yong of the medical team served as the interpreter. All surgeons of the Urology Department, experts from Cuba, head nurses, and heads of general surgery and publicity department of the hospital went to observe the operation.

Despite of the lack of special operating table, narrow, blurred view of the laparoscope, and unsatisfactory pneumoperitoneal pressure, Associate Professor Jin Tao and Associate Professor Chen Kelin conducted the operation with an ultrasound knife donated by WCH, while explaining in detail the process of the operation from endoscopic perforation, exposure of view of the posterior peritoneum to related anatomical procedures. It took less than 30 minutes to successfully complete the right renal cyst resection.

This was the first time for Maputo Hospital of Mozambique to introduce the advanced diagnosis and treatment mode of ambulatory surgery, for which the outpatient clinic completed relevant preoperative examinations so that the patient immediately accepted operation upon admission; in contrast, patients who needed to be hospitalized for half a month could be discharged on the first day after operation, thus greatly shortening the time of hospitalization and saving medical resources.

Since there existed doubts about the operation due to lack of experience in the urologic laparoscopic surgery, Jintao, head of the medical team, gave a special lecture on “Skills in urologic laparoscopic surgery” and the concept of ambulatory surgery, thus greatly enhancing the confidence of local doctors and ensuring the smooth progress of the operation.

The first-ever urologic laparoscopic surgery in Mozambique was completed with the concerted efforts of all medical team members. At the same time, the advanced concept of ambulatory surgery was promoted amongst local medical workers. The medical team was widely praised by leaders, doctors and patients of the Maputo Central Hospital.