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Sino-Egypt online exchange for Covid-19 testing techniques held in collaboration with Cairo University

On September 1, WCH held a video meeting with the School of Medicine of Egypt’s Cairo University for exchange and discussion about key operating procedures, sample collection and storage standards, virus testing technology standards and Improvement of detection accuracy, etc.

Ambassador Liao Liqiang and Commercial Minister-Counselor Han Bin of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, officials of the Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province and the Health Commission of Sichuan Province as well as experts and representatives from the Egyptian side attended the meeting. Vice Director Xie Yi and Dr. Wang Minjin of Experimental Medicine Department of WCH shared the experience from China and WCH in the fight against the pandemic.

Ambassador Liao said that, Under the background of the current long-term pandemic and the normalization of prevention and control, remote nucleic acid testing mechanism serves as an effective tool of resuming work and guaranteeing personnel exchange.

As of now both China and Egypt have organized eight video meetings for health experts, covering such topics as prevention and control of the pandemic, and diagnosis and treatment in quarantine. As the authoritative medical institutions in China and Egypt, WCH and the School of Medicine of Cairo University conducted this exchange by focusing on nucleic acid testing, the first of its kind in the exchange of testing techniques between both sides, in a move to enrich the Sino-Egypt cooperation contents in the fight against the pandemic.