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After over 120 years of development, particularly during the reform and opening-up period, WCSM/WCH has become a comprehensive medical teaching and research center with diverse disciplines, abundant faculty resources, advanced medical techniques, modern medical equipment, and strong potential in medical research. The Hospital was ranked one of the highest among all hospitals in China by the Ministry of Health in 1990.
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The West China Hospital Emergency Department (WCHED) enjoys a reputation nationally and internationally as one of the premier academic Emergency Medicine facility. The mission of WCHED is to achieve true excellence as one of great centers in research teaching and patient care for the field of Emergency Medicine.

Contact info: +86-28-85422761, +86-28-85423712
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International Medical Center
The International Hospital of Sichuan Province ( IHSP ) is one of the components of WCH and has ready access to all the advanced technology and expertise of the medical staff of WCH.Routine as well as specialized medical care are provided in IHSP.Out-patient clinic operates daily providing consultations for most health problems, annual check-ups and if necessary .
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You can find a general practitioner in our websites or just call us at [+86-28-85422408 ]or [+86-28-85586698]. The nurse will make an appointment for you to see the doctor. When a consult from a specialist is needed, the nurse in the international department will make appointment for you.
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Tele-Medicine Center
West China, covered by plateaus, hills and mountains, is famous for its complex geographical environment and. It has 12 provinces, autonomous regions & direct-controlled municipalities, and almost 900 counties (cities & districts) with land accounting for 71.5% land area of China. The special geological environment determines that most people, especially the rural population in underdeveloped area, still use railway and highway as main transportation. Comparatively, the western area of China has a total population of about 380 million, accounting for 29% of the national gross population. Sichuan Province has a population of 81.402 million by 2014, ranking the first in Western China. Also Sichuan has 21 over-one-million-population counties.
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The Telemedicine Center of West China Hospital, located at 9/F, Information Building, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, is operated and managed by the hospital’s Public Affairs Department.
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The Telemedicine Center of West China Hospital provides following services for West China Telemedicine Network Alliance Hospitals
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Telemedicine Center of West China Hospital was formally established in 2001. Bazhong People’s Hospital, as the first hospital joining in this network, opened remote consultation and remote education in August, 2001.
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