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Journal of Epilepsy

The Journal of Epilepsy is a medicine learned periodical managed by the Ministry of Education, directed by Sichuan University, and edited by the editorial department of Journal of Epilepsy. This journal is bimonthly, published to the domestic and external. The purpose of this journal is to timely, precisely and comprehensively report what king of experience, achievements, technical improvements, and academic trends both domestic and external researchers have done on epilepsy, such as preventing and curing diseases, scientific researches, and teaching, and to report significant achievements and progress on epilepsy both domestically and externally.

Epilepsy is new-born principle in recent decades, connected closely with professions such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Image and Electrophysiology as an overlapping subject. Due to the complication of its pathogenesis and diagnosis, the diversity and difficulty of its treatment, and the universality of related medical science and social field, the development of Epilepsy has been attached great importance either domestically or externally. At the same time, Epilepsy is a common nervous system disorders with severe burden. The World Health Organization (WTO) has listed Epilepsy, Depression, Mental Retardation, Alzheimer`s, and Schizophrenia a nervous and mental disease which should be taken prophylaxis and treatment with major attention, and launched a worldwide anti-epilepsy movement themed “Out of Shadow”. According to the estimation of WTO, there are approximately 60 million people suffering from Epilepsy around the world, and unfortunately, there are 9 million people in China suffering from it, with 6 million people have not taken regular treatment. Epilepsy is not only a physical disease, but also a psychological disease, as well as a public health and society problem. It can be called a significant meaning to strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad to further promote the development of epilepsy in China from the perspective of either scientific development or social demand.

The establishment of Chinese edition of Journal of Epilepsy is in favor of strengthening academic communication of Epilepsy research in China. Researchers on it have carried out tremendous study for a long-term working, and made significant achievements, and in order to comply with the trend of Epilepsy and social development, publishing a national and advanced journal of Epilepsy has a vital meaning. This journal is going to fill up the empty of the shortage of authoritative magazine on Epilepsy, promote communication of advanced academic information internationally and domestically, build a new platform for China on Epilepsy to the world, improve bibliography-reading ability for researchers on Epilepsy, and gain excellent social and economic benefits to make contributions to the development of Epilepsy study in China. The establishment of Chinese edition of Journal of Epilepsy makes for enhancing the standardization and academic level on Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. The establishment of Chinese edition of Journal of Epilepsy is going to fill up the empty of the shortage of advanced magazine on Epilepsy, providing international and domestic academic information at advanced level with scholars who have aspiration of Epilepsy clinical diagnosis and treatment, enriching relevant knowledge on Epilepsy for primary doctors` continuing education. Meanwhile, the professional, regular and high-class platform for academic communication is going to be utilized by researchers working on Epilepsy for exchanging diagnosis and treatment experience and research achievements to further active academic atmosphere of Epilepsy and promote scientific progress of Epilepsy, which can help increase standardization and academic level on Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment in China. 

The establishment of Chinese edition of Journal of Epilepsy is propitious to take Chinese dissertations on Epilepsy into domestic and external well-known retrieval system. One of the criterions to measure the level of scientific journals is that whether a dissertation can be recorded by well-known database or not. The members of the editorial board include national top Epilepsy experts, whose achievements have been admitted domestically and externally, and among whom they possess their own projects, as well as rich experience in editing journals with reviewing and editing job on other relevant journals which can be said an advantage of policy guidance, macro-management, and professional level check for the proposed journal, and those can assure a scientific and academic manuscript. The establishment of this periodical of highly professional level has a positive and important promoting effective in taking Chinese Epilepsy dissertations into domestic and external well-known retrieval system. This journal is going to produce new Chinese research achievements on Epilepsy to make sure that international peer can consult and quote them timely and conveniently, so that Chinese research achievements on Epilepsy can be accepted internationally, improving international competitiveness on Epilepsy.