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Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy (ISSN 2059-3635 (online), ISSN 2095-9907 (print), CN 51-1758/R) is a new open access journal, which aims to accomplish timely publication of the latest discoveries and progress in both basic science and clinical research related to signal transduction and targeted therapy. It will include research on major human diseases, including but not limited to: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and nervous system diseases. 

Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is a multidisciplinary journal, covering topics including but not limited to molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, systems biology, bioinformatics, and clinical medicine.

The editorial team of Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy is composed of a highly respected editorial board of researchers from across the globe, led by the internationally renowned Professor Carlo M. Croce, together with Professor Kang Zhang and Professor Yu-Quan Wei.

This journal is now indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)