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Journal of Biomedical Engineering

The Journal of Biomedical Engineering, a national medical academic journal, is charged by Science and Technology Association of Sichuan province and published by West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Sichuan Biomedical Engineering Society. It was first published in 1984, and it is bimonthly, and it is always releases on 25th. ISSN: 1001-5515, CN: 51-1258/R; Email code: 62-65; Price: ¥25.00/ journal. Annual price: ¥ 150. 

It covers the updated scientific payoffs and the dynamic of science and technology on bio-engineering, medical engineering, artificial internal organs, biological materials, biomechanics and computing. Commentary, forum, treatise, new techniques and methods, summary and other types of articles are included in its column. It is attractive to readers who engage in multidisciplinary research, teaching, production and technological managers, and it is practical to the graduates and undergraduates the relevant, and fan of biomedical engineering. It is systematically recorded by the Journals of Statistic Source of China’s scientific research paper(the key magazine of China technology), Ei Compendex , IM/MEDICINE, Chemical Abstract(CA), China Core Periodicals particular overview(2014), CSCD, RCCSE, CSAC, CAJNPP(China Academic Journal Network publishing Pool) and CNKI. 

It is awarded as the first session excellent magazine of science and technology journal by Science and Technology Information Institute of China in 2008 and is the project based on national science and technology platform (number: 2005DKA43504). In 2014, it was again awarded as the third session excellent magazine, at the same time, is selected in one hundred species of outstanding Chinese academic journals in 2013.