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Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine

As the only English language evidence-based and MEDLINE-listed journal from Asia-Pacific, Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine (JEBM) is the official journal of the Chinese Cochrane Centre, part of the international Cochrane Collaboration which is the world’s largest organization dedicated to preparing and maintaining systematic reviews to help people make well informed decisions about healthcare interventions. The Chinese Cochrane Centre and the Cochrane Collaboration are more widely dedicated to providing up-to-date and accurate information about the effects of healthcare. The journal is co-edited by Youping Li (Director, Chinese Cochrane Center) and Mike Clarke (Director, UK Cochrane Center).

The Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine is the official English language journal of the Chinese Cochrane Centre. The journal aims to present the newest research results and promote the international understanding and developments of evidence-based decision-making, research, practice, and education.

Papers in any of the following fields will be considered: editorial, commentary, systematic review, clinical trial and register, methodology, policy-making and management, drug safety, education, patient safety and knowledge translation. The journal encourages submissions from interdisciplinary studies and all manuscripts are under blind peer review.